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Hello, future superstar! Welcome to the 'Work with Us' page at Messe Stuttgart India, where we blend business with a dash of fun, sprinkles of innovation, and a whole lot of teamwork.

Think of us as the backstage crew for some of the most dazzling events in the industry. We're on a mission to transform ordinary careers into extraordinary adventures. Whether you're a marketing maverick, a operations legend, or a tech whiz, there's a spot on our stage for your talents.

So grab your virtual résumé and get ready to join our cast of event enthusiasts. Here, we don't just offer jobs; we offer a chance to be part of the show, to make a difference, and to have a blast doing it. Let's raise the curtain on your career at Messe Stuttgart India, where every day is a new scene filled with exciting challenges and opportunities. Break a leg!

Work with Messe Stuttgart India

Why Us?

We take pride in giving employee their freedom and autonomy to do whatever it takes to deliver outstanding results. We offer opportunities to move around the business – to travel abroad, experience different job functions and tackle different markets. It’s a great way to find the right match for your ambitions and achieve the exciting career you’re after. We have a very thorough people review process which enables your career progression as soon as you’re ready for the next challenge.


We have an excellent mix of people, which we believe makes for a more vibrant, more innovative, more productive team. We offer professional growth opportunities, competitive compensation and benefits, a positive work culture, an innovative work environment, and a strong reputation. If you are looking to build your career with a dynamic global organization, we look forward to receiving your application.



Full time

Responsibilities will include building and nurturing key relationships with international exhibitors, coordinating sales strategies, and ensuring the successful participation of clients in Messe Stuttgart's global trade exhibitions.

Head of Representation



"We're so exclusive, even our job openings have a waiting list!"

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