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Global Exhibition Powerhouse ‘Messe Stuttgart’ adds DIDAC India to their Education Portfolio

Updated: Oct 26

Messe Stuttgart's Strategic Investment in DIDAC India and Collaboration with India Didactics Association to Reshape Education, Edtech and Skill Development in the region

[Bengaluru, 18 October 2023] Messe Stuttgart, an internationally renowned exhibition organizer, proudly announces its partnership with the India Didactics Association to host DIDAC India, the nation's premier trade fair dedicated to Technology, Services, and Resources for the education and skills sector. Starting from the 14th edition in 2024, Messe Stuttgart India will assume the responsibility of organizing and elevating this esteemed event, ushering in a new era of educational innovation and excellence.

DIDAC India has indisputably established itself as India's exclusive and Asia's largest event for education and skills resources and solutions. It has played a pivotal role in shaping the educational landscape, and this collaborative endeavour is poised to further amplify its impactful presence, with a primary emphasis on education and skills. Leveraging Messe Stuttgart's extensive experience in organizing global education events, both exhibitors and visitors can anticipate a broader, more international experience, fostering new opportunities for growth, collaboration, and business expansion. India Didactics Association (IDA) has been instrumental in the evolution of the education sector in the country, evident in the themes, showcases, and discussions at DIDAC India. Their expertise and insights have been integral to the event, ensuring it remains at the forefront of educational innovation. In addition, the association's efforts in coordinating parallel conferences running alongside DIDAC India have played a key role in creating a holistic educational experience for participants. This collaboration allows Messe Stuttgart India to focus on the trade fair, while the association takes the lead in content development and conference management, promising to make DIDAC India even more substantial, with significant growth potential.

This partnership signifies a significant milestone for Messe Stuttgart, as it marks its entry into the Indian market. This collaboration is poised to propel DIDAC India into a new phase of expansion and growth, contributing significantly to the advancement of education.

According to Mr. Roland Bleinroth, CEO of Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH, "Messe Stuttgart plans to take DIDAC India to the next level. With our rich history of organizing educational events globally, we aim to elevate the experience, broaden horizons, and nurture profound connections for all participants. We envision this event as a hub for the exchange of knowledge, collaboration, and the discovery of innovative solutions that will reshape the educational landscape of India.”

Mr. Aditya Gupta, CEO of India Didactics Association, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled about this partnership with Messe Stuttgart, a world leader in trade fairs and exhibitions. We believe that this strategic alliance will strengthen the event, making it bigger, bolder, and better. This collaboration will bring together our expertise and experience to create one of the world's largest events."

DIDAC India has earned its reputation as a platform that brings together the best in education, technology, and innovation. This partnership promises a range of benefits for exhibitors and stakeholders participating in DIDAC India. Drawing upon Messe Stuttgart's expertise and global perspective, the exhibition is poised to enhance networking opportunities, enabling educators, edtech companies, policymakers, and stakeholders to interact seamlessly. As a global organization, Messe Stuttgart promises to offer international insights and foster collaborative learning through meaningful dialogues and partnerships, ultimately shaping the future of education in India.

Messe Stuttgart's entry into the country with DIDAC India and its partnership with India Didactics Association align seamlessly with Messe Stuttgart's mission to provide valuable insights and global perspectives while significantly contributing to the education sector in India, fostering a brighter and more innovative future for all.

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About Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH:

Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH (Messe Stuttgart) is one of the leading international trade fair companies with expertise in organizing high-quality events and exhibitions across a wide range of industries. Located in Stuttgart, Germany, the venue offers state-of-the-art facilities and services to exhibitors and visitors alike. With over 80 years of experience, Messe Stuttgart has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses looking to showcase their products and services, meet potential clients, and explore new markets.

Messe Stuttgart's portfolio of events includes industry-specific trade fairs, consumer shows, and conventions that cover a wide range of topics, such as automotive, machinery, technology, lifestyle, and more. With a team of experienced professionals, Messe Stuttgart provides comprehensive support to exhibitors, from planning and logistics to marketing and promotion.

Messe Stuttgart, having already established its subsidiaries in the USA, China, and Turkey, aims to expand its global reach and provide a platform for businesses in India to connect with international markets and showcase their products and services to a wider audience. Messe Stuttgart India will bring the same level of expertise and professionalism that has made Messe Stuttgart a leading international trade fair company.

About Messe Stuttgart India:

Messe Stuttgart India Pvt. Ltd. is the wholly owned subsidiary of Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH and poised to become a dominant force in the Indian trade fair and exhibition industry. Messe Stuttgart India is committed to fostering invaluable business connections and ignite growth, underpinned by a dedication to curate and organize world-class trade events that converge industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders across diverse sectors.

Messe Stuttgart India’s portfolio of events stands as a testament to its mission - to create substantial opportunities for businesses to exhibit their products and services, establish connections with prospective partners, and remain at the vanguard of their respective industries. At the heart of Messe Stuttgart India’s endeavours lies a focus on excellence, a dedication to delivering extraordinary experiences, and a vision to serve as a steadfast ally in orchestrating successful trade fairs and exhibitions throughout India.

About India Didactics Association:

India Didactics Association (IDA) is the exclusive membership association in the country for the education & skills fraternity engaged in improving learning and teaching. The Non-Profit association is a conglomerate of all stakeholders in the country and works towards development & welfare of Education by unifying the Entire Education & Skills Sector. It works with 88,000+ educators from 250 cities of India along with Central Government, State Governments, and International Partners from over 20 countries Ministries and National Associations.

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